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Daryl McKenzie (Musical Director & Trombone) Has directed the DMJO for the past twelve years. Previously Musical Director for the Nine Network's "Hey Hey It's Saturday" during the 1990's. Has previously directed the AFI awards for the ABC and episodes of "Dancing with the Stars" and the Good Friday Appeal for the Seven Network. Daryl was Musical Director for the Seven Network's "Australia's Got Talent Series 1". Has orchestrated and conducted numerous international movies including The Truman Show, Death Defying Acts, Hating Alison Ashley, Bootmen, Two Hands, Red Dog and The Sapphires. Artists to use Daryl's arrangements include Ray Charles, Randy Crawford, John Farnham, Tom Jones, Kate Ceberano, Rhonda Burchmore, Joe Cocker, Barry Manilow and BB King. Daryl curently works as the musical director of a well known big band and his compositions are published by Brolga Music. Daryl obtained a Master of Education (Music) from RMIT University and his undergraduate studies were at the Victorian College of the Arts and the University of North Texas.

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  Musical Director/Composer - Television Credits  
Musical Director Hey Hey It's Saturday Reunion specials (Nine Network) 2009
Conductor Seven Network Olympic Themes (S.S.O) 2008 See Youtube video
Musical Director Australia's Got Talent 2007 (Seven Network)
Musical Director Good Friday Appeal 2005/6 (Seven Network)
Musical Director Dancing With the Stars (4 Eps) 2005/6 (Seven Network) Youtube clip
Musical Director & Composer AFI Awards 2004 (ABC TV/Ovation)
Conductor Seven Network Olympic Themes (S.S.O) 2004
Conductor Seven Network Winter Olympic & Commonwealth Games Themes (S.S.O) 2002
Conductor "Eugenie Sandler P.I." (ABC TV) 2000
Conductor Seven Network Olympic Themes (M.S.O) 2000 (winner APRA award)
Hey Hey It's Saturday: 1992 - 1999 Musical Director and composer of themes You Tube clip
Musical Director "The Catching Pen Live" 1999 (SKY channel)
Musical Director Australian Motoring Awards 1998 (Optus Vision)
Musical Director Russell Gilbert Show 1998 (Nine network)
Musical Director The Best/Worst of Red Faces & Hey Hey It's The Comedians 1993 - 1998 (Nine Network)
Composer "Plucka's Place" theme 1997 (Nine Network)
Musical Director "Australian Quality Awards" 1995 (SBS TV)
Musical Director Hey Hey by Request 1994 (Nine Network)
Logie Awards: 1990 Composed Opening/Closing themes and incidental music, 1991 Composed incidental music, Musical Director of Pre-record session. Click to see on Youtube
Assistant Musical Director and Composed of incidental themes Bert Newton Show 1989 (Seven Network)

Conductor/Orchestrator/Composer - Film Credits

Conductor/Orchestrator "Hanyut - Almayer's Folly" (M.S.O) 2012 Youtube Trailer

Conductor/Orchestrator "The Sapphires" (M.S.O) 2012
Youtube Trailer
Orchestrator "Felix Net i Nika"  (Poland) 2011Fekix
Orchestrator "Little Johnny the Movie"  2011Trailer
Conductor/Orchestrator "Red Dog" (M.S.O) 2010 (IF award winner. AFI and FCCA award nominations)
Red DogYoutube Trailer
Composer of background music (uncredited) "Summer Coda" 2010Youtube Trailer
Orchestrator "Legends of the Guardians"  (S.S.O) 2010 (AFI, APRA, IF and ASSG award nominations)
Youtube Trailer
Orchestrator "Beneath Hill 60"  (M.S.O) 2010 (APRA and ARIA award nominations) Youtube video of session
Arranger/Orchestrator "Bran Nue Dae" 2010 (ARIA award nomination) Youtube Trailer
Conductor/Orchestrator "Death Defying Acts" (M.S.O) 2008 (APRA award winner, Screen Music Awards winner, FCCA award nomination) Youtube Trailer
Conductor/Orchestrator "Caterpillar Wish" 2006 Youtube Trailer
Conductor/Orchestrator "Hating Alison Ashley" (M.S.O) 2005 (APRA award nomination) Youtube Trailer
Conductor /Orchestrator "After The Deluge" (M.S.O) 2003 (ARIA & AFI award nominations) Youtube Opening credits
Conductor /Orchestrator "The Rage In Placid Lake" 2003 Trailer
Conductor /Orchestrator "Black and White" (M.S.O) 2003 (AFI award nomination) Youtube Trailer
Conductor / Orchestrator "La Spagnola" (M.S.O) 2002 (AFI award winner. FCCA nomination) Youtube Trailer
Conductor / Orchestrator "Bootmen" (M.S.O) 2000 (AFI & FCCA award winner) Youtube Trailer
Conductor /Orchestrator "After The Rain" (M.S.O) 2000
Conductor / Orchestrator/ Arranger "The Wog Boy" (M.S.O) (ARIA Award nomination) 2000 Youtube Trailer
Conductor / Orchestrator "Paperback Hero" (M.S.O) 1999 Youtube Trailer
Conductor / Orchestrator "Witch Hunt" 1999
Conductor / Orchestrator "Two Hands"(M.S.O.) 1999 (APRA Award winner. AFI, ASMA & FCCA nominations) Youtube Trailer
Conductor / Orchestrator "Strange Fits Of Passion" 1999 (ASMA Nomination)
Conductor /Orchestrator "Hurrah" (AKA "Heaven Sent")1998 (M.S.O.)
Conductor / Orchestrator "The Truman Show" 1998 (M.S.O)(winner of Golden Globe Award, ASCAP and CFCA awards) Youtube Trailer
Conductor / Orchestrator "The Sound Of One Hand Clapping" 1997 (M.S.O) (AGSC Award winner)
Orchestrator "Zeus & Roxanne" (Seattle USA) 1996
Conductor / Orchestrator "Lillian's Story" 1995 (M.S.O.) (AFI award nomination,Asia-Pacific Film Festival award winner) Youtube Scene
Composer/Conductor opening titles "Love and other Catastrophes" 1996 Youtube opening titles

Musical Director - Theatre

Musical Director Hey Hey It's Cinderella Palais Theatre 1996/97

Musical Director - Live/Other
Musical Director Myer 100th birthday/store relaunch 2011 (Guy Sebastian, Rhonda Burchmore, Ben Lewis)myer
Orchestrator "VB Stubby Symphony" TV & Cinema ad 2007 Youtube
Musical Director "SPASA Awards" (APO) 2006
Musical Director "Heart Of Variety Awards" 2005
Musical Director "Sounds of Broadway" concert 2005
Conductor "Bluebird Of Happiness" CD (Rhys Meirion/ APO) 2004
Conductor Melbourne Commonwealth Games official TV Music 2004 (MSO)
Musical Director for Nina Ferro farewell concert National Theatre 2004
Musical Director "Z horn allstar band" Yamaha Corporation 2003
Musical Director Combo Fiasco 10th Anniversary Concert 2003
Musical Director "Ned Kelly" movie Premier (Australian Pops Orchestra) 2003
Musical Director "An Afternoon with Doris" Sydney Myer Music Bowl 2003
Musical Director "Eduard Volcheck" in concert Palms at Crown 2002 Youtube link
Musical Director Victorian Arts Centre Australia Day Federation Concert 2001
Musical Director Adelaide Sky City Casino reopening 2001
Conductor "Expressions" - Eduard Volcheck CD (M.S.O.) 2000
Musical Director "The Sounds of Christmas" concert Regent Theatre 1999
Musical Director Brolga Awards N.T. 1995
Musical Director Adelaide Grand Prix Finale Concert 1995
Musical Director Daryl Somers floorshows 1992 - 2004
Musical Director for Rhonda Burchmore shows
Musical Director for Kate Ceberano, Debra Byrne, Barry Crocker, John Rowles, Jackie Love, Todd McKenney, Combo Fiasco, Daryl Braithwaite, Doug Parkinson, Russell Morris, Jim Keays, Cosima De Vito, and Frankie J Holden floorshows
Corporate and Charity Dinner Dance and Award nights including Kids Under Cover, My Room, Heart of Variety, Heart of Melbourne, McDonalds

Arranging Credits
- Television  
The Voice (Reaching Out) (Nine Network) 2012
Young Talent Time (Ten Network) 2012
This is Your Life (Nine Network) 2011
Carols By Candlelight (Nine Network) 2010Amazing Grace Youtube
AFL Grand Final Telecast (Seven Network) (M.S.O.) 2010Collingwood (Youtube)  St.Kilda (Youtube)
Hey Hey It's Saturday Reuinion (Nine Network) 2009
It Takes Two (Seven Network) 2007, 2008
Australia's Got Talent (Seven Network) 2007
Dancing With The Stars (Seven Network) 2005, 2006, 2011, 2012
Australian Idol (Ten Network) 2005, 2006 Youtube video
Starstruck (Nine Network) 2005
Good Friday Appeal (Seven Network) 1990 - 2006
Hey Hey It's Saturday (Nine Network) 1991 - 1999
Carols By Candlelight (Nine Network) 1990 - 2004 Youtube Video
The Dream with Roy and H.G. (Seven Network) 2000, 2002 & 2004
Australia Remembers (ABC TV) 1995
T.V.Week Logie Awards (All networks)1990 - 1994 Click to see on Youtube
Kate Ceberano & Friends (ABC TV) 1994
New Faces (Ten Network) 1992 - 93
Tonight Live (Seven Network) 1993
Midday with Ray Martin (Nine Network) 1991
Bert Newton Show (Seven Network) 1989 (Staff Arranger)
New Faces (Nine Network) 1983 - 1989
V.F.L. Grand Final  (Seven Network) 1985 - 1989
Young Talent Time (Ten Network) 1986 - 88 Youtube clip
Ernie Sigley Show (Nine Network) 1985
NSW Rugby League Grand Final 1984
Tonight with Bert Newton (Nine Network) 1984
Don Lane Show (Nine Network) 1983

Arranging Credits - Albums/ CDs

"Stones Cold Sober" Michele Roget 2011 - unreleased
"Slammin Joe's" Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra (Producer) 2011
"Night and Day" Steven Rossitto (ABC Music) 2012
"Spirit of Christmas" (Myer) 2010
"The Great Tenor Songbook" Mark Vincent (Sony) 2010
"Filmworks" Cezary Skubiszewski (Albert) 2010
"Compass" Mark Vincent (Sony) 2010
"Scallywag" Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra (Producer) 2010 ScallywagRead a review

"Bran Nue Dae" soundtrack (Sony) 2010
"Death Defying Acts" Soundtrack (M.S.O) (Lakeshore Records) 2008 Read a review
"It's About Time" Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra (Producer) 2008
"Watchout... We've Got The Power" Burkhard Dallwitz (Universal Music) 2008
"A Symphony of Hits" Human Nature (Columbia) 2008 Youtube Clip
"Salut!" Eduard Volcheck 2007
"Swing Sessions" - David Campbell (Sony BMG) 2006
"Caterpillar Wish" Soundtrack (Shock records) 2006
"Songlines" Daryl Somers (Sony) 2005
"Hating Alison Ashley" Soundtrack (M.S.O) (Festval/Mushroom) 2005 
"Autumn" 2004 (ABC Classics)
"Bluebird Of Happiness" Rhys Meirion/ APO 2004 (Phantom) (Producer)
"After The Deluge" soundtrack (Move records) (ARIA Award nomination) 2004 Read a review
"Boots and All" - Peter Brocklehurst (Sony) (A.P.O.) 2003
"Black and White" soundtrack (M.S.O)(ABC Classics) 2003  Read a review
"The Rage In Placid Lake" soundtrack (Move records) 2003 Read a review
"Live at the Melbourne Concert Hall" - Rhonda Burchmore (Shock records) 2003
"Present" - Killing Heidi (Columbia) 2002
"La Spagnola" soundtrack (M.S.O) 2002  Read a review
"Look At Me Now" - Roland Bonet (Minorke Records) 2002
"Of Someday Shambles" - Jebediah (Big Wheel Recreation) 2000
"Don't Stop The Revolution" - Breathe (Sony NZ) 2000
"Expressions" - Eduard Volcheck (M.S.O.) 2000
"The Wog Boy" soundtrack (M.S.O) (ARIA Award nomination) (Mushroom) 2000 Read a review
"Paperback Hero" - soundtrack (Universal Music) (MSO) 1999
"Two Hands" -  soundtrack  (M.S.O) (Festival) 1999
"The Truman Show" - soundtrack (Milan Records) (M.S.O) 1998
"The Sound Of One Hand Clapping" - soundtrack 1998 (M.S.O)
"AGSC 1998 Award Winners" (Sony)
"Anthology Vol.3" - John Farnham (RCA Victor)1997
"Rhonda Burchmore" - Rhonda Burchmore (Shock records) 1997
"Love and other Catastrophes" soundtrack (Polydor) 1996
"Lillian's Story" soundtrack (M.S.O.) (Columbia/Sony) 1995
"By Request" RAAF Central Band 1995 RAAF
"Spirit of Christmas"- (Ross Wilson) Myer/Salvation Army 1993
"Bran Nue Dae" - Cast Album (Polygram) 1993
"Leading Lady" - Marina Prior (Columbia) 1991
"Caught In The Act" - Debbie Byrne (Mushroom) (No.1/Gold record) 1991
"The Final Farewell" - Johnny Young and the Young Talent Teams (Hammard) 1989
"Super Hits 88/89" - New Young Talent Team  (Assoc. Producer) (Hammard) 1989
"Phenomenon" - Young Talent Team (Assoc. Producer) (Hammard) 1987

Arranging Credits - Theatre/Other

Melinda Schneider & Denis Walter with the APO 2011
Strange Bedfellows the Musical 2010/11sbm
Victorian State Schools Spectacular 2011/12VSSS
Rhonda Burchmore & Sydney Symphony Orchestra 2010
David Hobson Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2010
Kate Ceberano & Sydney Symphony Orchestra 2008
James Morrison, Benadette Robinson with the APO 2008
APRA Screen Awards (Sydney) 2008/2011
Liberachie Tribute Show 2007
Arranger "The Good Guys" TV ad 2007
Orchestrator / Conductor Republic of Singapore Airforce TV ad 2005
Orchestrator / Conductor Saltram Wines TV ad 2003
Arranging commission for Royal Danish Wedding 2004
Orchestrator / Conductor AFL TV ad 2002
Melbourne International Music Festival 2000
Stadium Australia opening concert 1999
Orchestrator / Conductor Ansett Star TV ad 1999
Orchestrator/Conductor Workcover TV ad 1998
"All You Need is Beatles" concert (Sir George Martin) 1998
Crown Casino Opening (Ray Charles, Kylie Minogue and John Farnham with MSO) 1997
"Red Hot & Rhonda" (Rhonda Burchmore) 1997
Melbourne, Adelaide & Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras, Australian Pops Orchestra, Beijing Symphony, Sydney Youth Orchestra, RAAF Central Band, RAAF Force 10, Australian Army Band. Wesley College Orchestra and Big Band
International artists including Randy Crawford, Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Barry Manilow, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, The Commodores, Trisha Yearwood, B.B.King, Roger Daltry, Ray Davies, Andrew Strong, Curtis Stigers, Keb Mo, Michael Feinstein, Larry Adler ,Claire Martin, Martin Taylor, Ernie Watts.
Australian artists including  John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Jack Jones, Venetta Fields, James Morrison, Debra Byrne, Tina Arena, Brian Cadd, Glenn Shorrock, Billy Thorpe, Rick Price, Margaret Urlich, Kate Ceberano, Ross Wilson, Marina Prior, Tommy Emmanuel, Rhonda Burchmore, Human Nature, Lucy Durak, Russell Morris, Jim Keays, Bachelor Girl and Vanessa Amorosi.

Performance Credits
Royal Crown Review - Corner Hotel 2011
Meredith Festival 2010, Forum Theatre 2010
"Bran Nue Dae" film score 2010
"The Good Guys" TV ad 2008
Eduard Volcheck - "Salut!" CD 2007
Josh Groban "Awake Tour" - Hamer Hall 2007
Bobby Rydell & The Allstars - The Palms, Crown 2007
Joan Rivers - "First Annual Farewell Tour" The Palms, Crown 2006
Rhonda Burchmore - "Fever" The Palms, Crown 2006
"Elvis Presley in Concert" - Rod Laver Arena 2006
Harry Connick Jr. Big Band - "Alan Border Medal" - Nine Network 2005
"Starstruck" - Nine Network 2005
"Songlines - Daryl Somers" TV ad 2005
"Rocky Horror Show" - Neighbours cast - Regent Theatre 2004
Guy Sebastian - Yamaha concert - Park Hyatt 2004
Anthony Warlow & Rhonda Burchmore - Tommy Tycho Orchestra 2004
Phantom of the Opera - MGM Grand Casino Darwin 2004
"Strange Bedfellows" - movie score 2004 (contractor) (DMJO)
"Jazz in the Vineyards" - Morningstar Estate (DMJO) 2002
"North Queensland Jazz Festival" - Mackay QLD (DMJO) 2001
Hagemeyer Conference - Kota Kinabalu Malaysia (Patrick McMahon, Men at Work) 2000
Tim Rice "Concert Spectacular" (Anthony Warlow, Kate Ceberano, Iva Davies, INXS) - Rod Laver Arena 2000
"Elvis the Concert" - Rod Laver Arena 1999
Shirley Bassey in concert - Crown Casino (lead trombone) 1999
Cybil Sheppard in concert - Hilton Hotel 1999
"Sports Star of The Year" (Marcia Hines) (ABC TV) 1998
"Australia Remembers" concert Palais (ABC TV) 1995
Al Martino Tour 1994
Shirley Bassey in concert - Hilton Hotel 1994
"My Way" - Marion Martin CD (Tommy Tycho Orchestra) (lead trombone) 1994
"Let Me Find Love" - Judith Durham CD 1994
"Scrooge the Musical" Princess Theatre 1994
"Back in the Swing" - Anthony Warlow CD and concerts (Tommy Tycho Orchestra) 1993
"In Melbourne Today" Nine Network 1991
"Venetian Twins" - Melbourne Theatre Company, Vic. Arts Centre 1991
Danny LaRue Melbourne Concert Hall 1990
North Texas State University Three O'Clock Lab Band 1987 - 1988
Dallas Jazz Orchestra 1988
Ricky May's Melbourne Band 1985 - 86
Graham Lyall Showband 1985 - 86
Nerve Deafness Telethon - Ten Network 1985
Herbie Mann - Melbourne Summer Music -  Melb. Concert Hall 1986
Grand Wazoo 1985
"Reg Livermore's Firing Squad" - Her Majesty's Theatre 1983
"The Gillies Report" - ABC TV Nov 1983

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